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Thank you for showing your support to Zillennial Memeopolis. This has been a dream come true for us here at Uniburst Productions, a labor of love and this is meant to be a monument to those who hold us dear.

Zillennial Memeopolis Atlas

Zillennial Memeopolis - Nyan Ventures in the Z-World

Traits and Statistics

Generation Blend

Represents the character’s origin as a fusion of Generation-Z and Millennial influences, embodying the shared experiences and values of both generations.

Common: 151-200 (20%) and 201-250 (15%), a total of 35%.

Uncommon: 101-150 (15%), 51-100 (10%), a total of 25%.

Rare: 251-300 (10%)

Epic: 11-50 (5%), 301-350 (5%), a total of 10%.

Legendary: 351-400 (5%)

Nyan: 401-1010 (4.5%)


Nyanity (Nyan Cat Influence)

Embodies the influence of the Nyan Cat on the character. The degree of this trait reflects the level of quirkiness, colorfulness, and digital aura the character exhibits.

Common: 1 (20%)

Uncommon: 2 (15%)

Rare: 3 (10%), 4 (10%), 5 (10%), 6 (10%), 9 (10%)

Epic: 7 (5%), 8 (5%), 10 (5%)


Hustle Spectrum

This trait defines the work ethic and ambition of each character, illustrating the wide range of professional dedication within the Zillennial generation.

Dreamer (70%): These individuals have big dreams and aspirations, sometimes preferring to focus on the idea rather than the implementation.

Innovator (25%): Innovators are not just dreamers but doers. They have the drive to take their ideas and turn them into reality.

Overachiever (5%): Overachievers are highly motivated individuals who go above and beyond. They’re likely to outperform their peers due to their intense dedication.

Common: Dreamer (70%)

Uncommon: Innovator (25%)

Nyan: Overachiever (5%)


Meme Mastery

Illustrates the character’s proficiency and understanding of meme culture.

Novice (20%): Just starting their meme journey, Novices are learning about the different types of memes and their context.

Apprentice (15%): Apprentices have some understanding of memes and can recognize popular trends but are still developing their knowledge.

Jokester (10%): Jokesters can successfully use memes for humor and understand the context behind various meme trends.

Meme Enthusiast (10%): Enthusiasts are keen followers of meme culture and regularly share and create memes for entertainment.

Parody Producer (10%): Parody Producers are skilled at creating humorous content that imitates popular trends or personalities in meme format.

GIF Guru (10%): GIF Gurus are skilled in using and creating GIFs, a popular format in meme culture.

Trend Tracker (5%): Trend Trackers are always on top of the latest meme trends and are quick to share or create content around them.

Hashtag Hacker (5%): Hashtag Hackers are skilled at utilizing hashtags for wider meme distribution and trend tracking.

Connoisseur (10%): Connoisseurs have an extensive understanding and appreciation of meme culture, history, and trends.

Meme Lord (5%): Meme Lords are the highest authority in meme culture. Their understanding and influence in meme culture are unmatched.

Common: Novice (20%)

Apprentice (15%), a total of 35%.

Uncommon: Jokester (10%), Meme Enthusiast (10%), Parody Producer (10%), a total of 30%.

Rare: GIF Guru (10%)

Epic: Connoisseur (10%)

Nyan: Trend Tracker (5%), Hashtag Hacker (5%), Meme Lord (5%), a total of 15%.


Digital Native

Reflects the character’s level of integration and comfort with technology.

Learner (20%): At the beginning stages of their digital journey, Learners are gaining foundational knowledge and skills in technology.

Apprentice (20%): Apprentices have basic understanding and can effectively use common technologies, but are still reliant on guidance.

Practitioner (15%): Practitioners have a solid understanding of various technologies and can independently navigate digital spaces.

Tech Savvy (10%): Tech Savvy individuals are adept at using various platforms and technologies, keeping up with digital trends and updates.

Innovator (10%): Innovators not only use technology fluently, but also creatively and inventively. They often find new ways to use technology to solve problems.

Adept (5%): Adepts have deep knowledge in certain technological areas, and can manipulate tech in advanced ways for specific tasks.

Expert (5%): Experts have a broad and deep knowledge of technology, can solve complex problems, and often provide guidance to others.

Tech Guru (5%): Tech Gurus have an exceptional understanding and ability to use, create, and manipulate technology across a wide range of platforms and languages.

Master (5%): Masters are technology leaders, often professional or recognized individuals in the tech field. They understand the past, present, and potential future of tech.

Digital Deity (5%): Digital Deities represent the pinnacle of tech understanding and manipulation. Their comprehension of the digital world is almost omniscient, and their abilities seem almost boundless.

Common: Learner (20%), Apprentice (20%), a total of 40%.

Uncommon: Practitioner (15%), Tech Savvy (10%), Innovator (10%), a total of 35%.

Rare: Adept (5%), Expert (5%), a total of 10%.

Epic: Tech Guru (5%)

Legendary: Master (5%)

Nyan: Digital Deity (5%)



Represents the character’s tendency for introspection and personal growth.

Common: 1 (20%), 2 (15%), a total of 35%.

Uncommon: 3 (10%), 4 (10%), 5 (10%), a total of 30%.

Rare: 6 (10%)

Epic: 7 (5%), 8 (5%), a total of 10%.

Legendary: 9 (10%)

Nyan: 10 (5%)


Total Overall Rarity Count

Nyan: 4

Legendary: 13

Epic: 33

Rare: 60

Uncommon: 375

Common: 515




I'd like to thank everyone for coming out to show support for Zillennial Memeopolis - Nyan Ventures in the Z-World. The show has just begun, it's time to double down efforts, drive inspiration, reflect on what went right and what went wrong. Embracing the failures as much as the success is what drives innovation.

What went wrong: The original website had errors relating to the SSL certificate the hosting provider was unable to resolve, forcing a hosting provider move to a new server at last minute, causing alot of last minute touches to slip thru the door. Late advertising, too little advertising, too little time spent devoted to the project, traits that are not easily discernable to determine a proper rarity, traits do not follow opensea standards, some trait percent chances are not in line with the intended values.

What went right: A dream has been formed, a world created, life in digital form. The Zillennial Memeopolis collection is adored by all ages, and has built a fan base that continues to grow daily. Zillennial Memeopolis drop happened on-time, on budget, and is something we can all be proud of.

So what's next? I would like to hear from you, the community, where you would like to see the series go. A PFP nft? more of the daily lives of the people of Memeopolis? more of the zany Nyan? Maybe a thematic release, guest stars, back stage pass, tell me what you think.

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